Saturday, 14 February 2009

On the way to the Dark Tower...

I can blame JJ Abrams for this... I came across some news earlier this week that Abrams is looking to produce a series about Stephen King's Dark Tower collection, and with some mild panic, I cleared my books-to-read list, dusted off my poncho, strapped on two six-shooters and set along the path to the Dark Tower3 days later, I've crossed the desert with The Gunslinger (and very much enjoyed the shades of El Topo) and am heading into the second book in the series, The Drawing of the Three. So, the race is now on to get to the end of The Dark Tower saga before JJ Abrams does. But what of the adaptation ? Its unlikely we'll get a multi-picture Lord of the Rings cycle, so I'm guessing Abrams is looking to a long form television series, a la Lost. I remain cautiously optimistic, but memories of Mick Garris' botched adaptation of The Stand are never far away...


  1. We're still waiting...Hi Wes! Finally made it over to your blog! Looks like a pretty interesting place! I'll be checking it out as a regular now - cheers!

  2. Craig, I'm honored and delighted that you came along for a visit - hopefully you will find something interesting among these pages... Great to have you !