Saturday, 27 March 2010

Marilyn Chambers is rabid... I mean, Insatiable !

I won't spend say too much about this X-Rater I caught up with earlier - this being a family-blog etc, but Insatiable is well deserving of its status as a classic of the Golden Age of Adult Cinema. Insatiable, made in 1980 stars Marilyn Chambers as Sandra Chase, a wealthy jet-setting heiress cum (sorry!) fashion model with a craving for the carnal pleasures in life. The film is a series of vignettes about her sexual encounters. Very definitely a "couples" film as apposed to something strictly for the raincoats, Insatiable has plot (slim but it's there), production values (including a wide angle helicopter shot, no less) and rather decent direction courtesy of Stu Segall. And of course there's plenty of scorching hot hardcore action - a lesbian scene, a blowjob, three M/F scenes and an orgy at the film's climax (damn!). Thankfully, none of these scenes are drawn out like modern Adult Movies and will make you wonder why they don't make these kind of movies anymore.

Part of Insatiable's success is down to the cast who all do a fine job. Of course this is Marilyn Chambers' show and she's especially sexy here, performing her scenes with real sparkle. She also sings the catchy song "Shame On You", a sugary Carpenters-esque ballad. Look out also (actually you couldn't miss him!) for the legendary John Holmes, the King Dong of the Industry at that time, doing the business with Ms Chambers.

There's been several DVDs of Insatiable in the last few years. If you can track it down the definitive edition of this film is still the double-disc Media Blasters (which houses a TV version (?) on the 2nd disc). My copy is the "30th Anniversary" edition on the Dynasty label and features a far less striking transfer than the Media Blasters, but its adequate. Luckily, the two excellent commentary tracks found on the Media Blasters DVD are available on the Dynasty disc. The 1st track features Chambers discussing the film in great detail, while the second features an Adult Cinema expert who spins a lot of fascinating trivia about the Industry then and now.

For anyone interested in Adult Cinema when it was shot on film and made with plot, Insatiable (along with Behind the Green Door, The Opening of Misty Beethoven, The Devil In Miss Jones, and Neon Nights) is highly recumended (really sorry!)


  1. Cum now Wes! (sorry!) Actually - that is the time frame that I have an interest in - the old school stuff shot on actual film. Might have to seek this one out!

  2. I really must do more Golden Age porno stuff... Since I wrote that post, I've seen a lot more, including some gay stuff, and while I'm a straight guy the gay stuff I've seen is really quite interesting, even experimental - stuff like the films of Peter De Rome or Wakefield Poole - really fascinating out-there Cinema...