Saturday, 19 June 2010

Obsession - the Films of Jess Franco

2011 should bring us Steve Thrower's much anticipated Jesus Franco biography (published by FAB Press, so you know its gonna be good) but in the meantime, Franco fans should seek out a copy of Obsession - The Films of Jess Franco, an exhaustive study of the legendary Spaniard's films. Quite simply, this is the kind of book Euro-Cult devotees need to have. The backbone of the book is a film-by-film walk through Franco's filmograhy, beginning in 1952 with some films Franco worked on in various roles, neatly divided into different eras ("The Harry Alan Towers Years", "The Porno Holocaust Years"). Each film is given a (pleasingly) short synopsis and critique. Following the filmography is a feature on Soledad Miranda, and interviews with Franco's closest collaborators, ending with a talk with the great man himself. As well as the intelligent, insightful commentary, the 256-page book is illustrated throughout with rare stills and poster art. Published in May 1993, Obsession - the Films of Jess Franco is sadly well out of print these days, and commands a high sum from marketplaces. Not to worry, some good soul out there has professionally scanned the entire the book and I've uploaded it at the link below. You'll need the free CDisplay Comic Reader program to read the book. Enjoy !

Reupped: Obsession - Films Of Jess Franco (Mediafire)


  1. Any chance of getting this baby up again?¿

  2. Yep, thanks for the reminder !

  3. I will try to get my copy downloaded soon - thanks, Wes!