Saturday, 12 June 2010

Revisting the City on Blu

Just a quick post to report that I'm generally pleased with Arrow's Blu-Ray edition of City of the Living Dead. Debate rages across message forums about Arrow's Blu vs the Blue Underground edition, and while it seems that the Blue Underground is coming out the winner in terms of image quality, I can safely safe that both editions are highly recommended.

Watching the opening scene following the front credits had me a little worried with all the grain and softness, but the strength of the high-def emerges in the next sequence, the seance scene, which looks very sharp and pops alive with bold, bright colors. As for the grain and softness, this is entirely present in the original negative, it was a stylistic choice by Fulci, and really the film should have a credit for Smoke Machine Operator and Dust Wrangler for so much of it wafts before the camera. Audio wise, the experimental sound design is a powerhouse.

Bottom line, City of the Living Dead is worth the upgrade to Blu-Ray whether you go with Arrow or Blue Underground. Both editions feature extensive extras and the Arrow packaging is a beauty itself, with a booklet, postcards, a poster for the US Gates of Hell release and cool reversible artwork. High time to wallow in the gore, gunk and glory of Lucio Fulci's prodigal masterpiece.

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  1. High time indeed! You have me itching to get my hands on this one!