Wednesday, 18 August 2010

David Cronenberg on Andy Warhol

Cronenberg fans should head over to the amazing Ubu website, a wonderful treasure trove of experimental art, films and sound, where you will find a 30min audio documentary delivered by Cronenberg about Andy Warhol and his influence on culture and Cronenberg's own approach to art and film making. The documentary is divided, chapter style into 21 downloadable mp3 files. Essential listening.

David Cronenberg on Andy Warhol (scroll down the page)

Be sure to pay a visit to the Unflinching Eye blog where Alymer has posted an incredible article on the influence of Cronenberg's ideas on contemporary art and design. Fascinating stuff...


  1. Thanks for the heads-up - I love that photo of Cronenberg between the crashed cars.

  2. Thanks, man! I love Cronenberg's works.

  3. You're very welcome Barbara, thanks for visiting, hope you find intersting stuff among these pages...

  4. I will definitely have to check this out - visionary men are always worth listening to.