Monday, 20 September 2010

Code Red (not to close its doors)

I heard the sad new this week, that DVD label Code Red are set to wind down operations before the summer of 2011. Code Red commissar Bill Norton put it down to a certain indifference on the part of the horror community towards Code Red titles, not to mention the sheer difficulty of dealing with film rights, DVD production and deadlines - all very stressful I'm sure in today's climate. I was on the Code Red blog a few days ago and was floored by the amount of abuse the label was receiving from DVD collectors, who were behaving like a bunch of fucking pricks whining about the titles that Code Red were putting out. I'll certainly miss Code Red and their idiosyncratic range of releases, I'm not so sure the likes of Blue Underground, Synapse etc would invest in obscure fare like Don't Go In the Woods (Code Red's debut disc), Sole Survivor or The Strangeness, and I could hardly blame them. So Code Red should be applauded for bravely mining their own territory out there in the perilous land of DVD Production.

I've started picking up Code Red titles in the last few days before stock starts drying up. I've snagged a used copy of Devil Times Five, which is currently on Amazon for sixty bucks (?), Messiah of Evil, Stunt Rock and Pets. In the next few days, I'll pick up Trapped, Sole Survivor, and Terror Circus. Hopefully, other folks are doing likewise and throwing some cash Code Red's way...

Postscript: 4/17/2012 Of course Code Red did not go to the wall my prophet of doom post predicted - the label is still a going concern and are prepping new titles for future release. However, as Bill Norton's blog posts attest, running a small indie is a precarious business, so to echo what I previously wrote, please do what you can to support this great label.


  1. Code Red haven't closed, they're still in business as I write this message!!!

  2. Thank-you A, and yes they are of course still in business - that's the trouble with writing these kind of posts - as soon as they are go up, they're out of date. I'll have to write an addendum to that post.

  3. It's still a happy ending - and I have tried to support them whenever I can.

  4. Craig, I must admit I haven't kept up to date with Code Red - the last thing I bought off them was the Cut Throats Nine DVD but when they stopped shipping stuff to Ireland (and outside of the US it looks like), I kinda lost interest in them. I read different forums to stay on top of announcements, and from everything I hear Code Red indulge in some rather bizarre business tactics...