Sunday, 5 September 2010

DVD Delirium Volume 4

I've had the latest volume of DVD Delirium for almost a week now, and already its been read cover to cover. Nathaniel Thompson's reviews have been a huge influence on my style of review writing - keep it short, keep it interesting. With the recession-depression forcing me to cut back on DVD spending (and causing me to agonize over each purchase) a lot of great DVD and Blu-Ray releases in the last 12 months have flown under my radar, so the book is a good place to catch up. Volume 4 is definitely light on Criterion reviews, but its probably more a reflection on the amount of good genre stuff being put out by the likes of Severin and Code Red. In the next few weeks I hope to pick up Messiah of Evil, Devil Times Five, The Other Side of Underneath, The Stepfather, The Strangeness, The Anti-Clock, Stunt Rock, Man of Violence, Trapped, Terror Circus (Barn of the Naked Dead) - just to name a few. DVD Delirium Volume 4 can be ordered direct from publishers FAB Press, and if you haven't picked up the previous 3 volumes, I highly recommend you do so...


  1. I have the first 3 volumes - have read them many times over so will be picking this up too soon... cheers

  2. I have never read one - is it still in print?

  3. Yeah, I think the latter 3 volumes are still available from Amazon US, but Craig, in this era of Depression economics, I must point out that most of the books' content can be found on author Nathaniel Thompson's Mondo Digital website (whisper it) totally free of charge...