Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Paris Working

I'm just back from Paris and I thought I'd share some very brief thoughts and impressions about this great city. I have a few bits n' pieces I want to post up about the trip over the next few days, and I'll do my best to keep it all vaguely in line with the spirit of this blog, I promise no Lonely Planet style diversions...

Of all the big world cities I've visited - London, New York, Cape Town, Los Angeles - Paris may be the densest, busiest of all - moving with an incredible tidal force of energy and momentum. Its both astonishing and unnerving.

We stayed in the Latin Quarter district, literally two minutes from the Notre Dame cathedral. On our first day in Paris, we walked from the Notre Dame, along the Seine, past the Orsay museum to the Eiffel Tower, crossed over the Pont d'Lena bridge, to the Arc de Triomphe, down the Champs-Élysées, past the Louvre museum and finally back at the Notre Dame. If you're into walks I'd recommend taking this same route - its an excellent way to soak up the sights, sounds and smells of the Left Bank. If all that seems a little intense, a hop-on, hop-off bus will take you around to all the must see tourist-spots, and if you're more inclined to descend into the Parisian Underworld, the Metro will get you to just about anywhere...

The picture above is a shot of one of the many book stalls that sit on the quay walls of the Seine. These stalls sell everything from old and new books, art prints, posters (old ad campaigns, movie posters and movie stars etc) and lots of strange and bewildering knick knacks. I almost snagged a few old issues of Cahiers du Cinéma...


  1. I have never been anywhere in Europe. I hope that circumstances will allow me to get over there before I get too old to move well!

  2. Definitely go to Europe sometime Craig, I think you would like it very much. We've been to America a good few times - all Irish people will eventually head west at some point, we're drawn to it like lemmings... We've been to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, along the Pacific Coast Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and my favourite place of all Chicago... For me America is not so much a country but a vast landscape of the imagination - it's inextricably linked with great Cinema, music, literature, history, culture, and fine people such as your good self!

    1. I'm pleased Chicago is your fave - as that's in my home state of Illinois! You should try the East Coast sometime - like coastal North Carolina - there's an "Irish pub" downtown that I'm sure would either completely offend you or make you laugh - and we could toss back a couple...