Monday, 22 November 2010

The legendary Burke-Cocoon scene from Aliens

I must have been dozing when I first read thru the list of goodies that come with the new Alien Anthology Blu-Ray boxset, for in amongst the Aliens bounty of extras (special and not so special) is

Deleted Scene: Burke Cocooned (SD, 1:31): Carter Burke's fate revealed !

This is of course the legendary lost scene from Aliens, where Ripley in her search for Newt discovers Weyland-Yutani company man Carter Burke cocooned and incubating an unborn alien. Burke begs Ripley for help, who in turn hands him a grenade, and then moves on to find Newt...

For a long time, I thought this scene was created on set but not filmed - in terms of continuity the scene doesn't work (Burke simply could not have been inpregnated that fast!), but the presence of the sequence as a Deleted scene on the new BR suggests it was indeed shot.

Stan Winston adds more slime to Paul Reiser, on set of Aliens

I haven't got my hands on the Anthology yet but I'm really looking forward to seeing how this scene plays out. If anyone has seen it, let us know what you think !

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  1. I think I've added some kind of Blu-Ray Alien Anthology edition to the video vault - looking forward to checking all of the movies out again. Side note - that's actually Paul Reiser up there - Glaser was Starsky to David Soul's Hutch.