Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Post of Christmas Past

Happy Christmas, or if you're deeply offended by such a vulgar gesture, Happy Holidays. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas - I find it kinda stressful, trying to rush out and get presents that loved ones will actually like, rather than pretend to like; being unable to stop myself gorging on big meals and endless junk food; and having little time to do anything else because my job is really busy towards the end of the year.

Christmas was an altogether more magical time when I was younger. In the days before the VCR and satellite, Christmas was a glorious time for TV, when networks would roll out the big premieres. Nowadays the Harry Potter series is firmly established as the staple Christmas movie, but when I was growing up in the 80's, it was Star Wars. I was also a big Star Wars Toys kid and every Christmas I would a get Star Wars vehicle. My pride and joy was Han Solo's Millennium Falcon. My Dad still likes to remind me how much money he paid for it back in the day, and how much all my Star Wars toys would be worth today had I not swept them all up and passed them on to younger relatives. I gotta say I do wish I kept them now...


  1. Every time I see the Millenium Falcon now, I can't help but think of its incognito appearance in Blade Runner:

    The late 70's was such an awesome time to be a kid!

  2. It was indeed an awesome time to be a kid! I had the X-Wing and Tie Fighter; the Death Star, the Sandcrawler, the cantina bar and several dozen of the figures - but never had the coveted Falcon or the Hoth battle scene playset - but my best friend did - so I still got to play with them!

    Now, who here has seen the Star Wars Holiday Special?

  3. I finally saw Star Wars Holiday Special a couple of years ago and it truly is the ass-end of the Star Wars universe... what were they thinking ? I suspect one day Lucas will set the Original Trilogy free, but the Holiday Special will remain firmly in the vault - and I don't blame him either !