Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Moving House !

This blog has been on something of a hiatus for the last few weeks as we began preparing to move house. We put up the house for sale back in June 2010 and come this Thursday the process will be complete. I should be painting the town red with happiness now we're finally getting out of a neighbourhood that has been quickly going downhill these past few years - think of the neighbours as a cross between the gypsies in Snatch and the locals in Straw Dogs - but all I'm feeling is a sense a quiet relief. Property prices in Ireland continue to crash like falling masonry so we got out at good time I think. The whole selling/buying process has been fraught with difficulties along the way - bitter compromises and 11th hour negotiations but I'm about to draw a line in the sand now between my old life and a hopefully brighter new one, so all those regrets can be swept aside...

I won't be offline for the next few weeks, I'm still planning on posting the occasional thing just to keep these pages looking fresh, but with my DVDs locked away in storage for the next few weeks, the action will be limited. The pic below is just one of the many boxes of DVDs that I've filled in the last week or so, I knew my collection was fairly big (approx 2,000 DVDs in 10 years) but the minute I began peeling them off their neatly arranged shelves it all became a huge headache, so there's a lesson in there somewhere...

A boxed life....from Grindhouse to Arthouse to new house (ho, ho!)


  1. Best of luck with the move Wes - I'm sure your new vibration will attract a wealth of new opportunities as it did your new house and the ease that comes with shaking off any undesirables! Having your pride and joy all boxed up like so much disposable product can be distressing for sure, but your secret cardboard treasure chests will soon be pillaged once they are all set in their new location... they only improve with age like vintage plonk ;-0

  2. I've got several of the titles in that box as well (both grindhouse and arthouse).

  3. Hope that move went well - are you still in the place you were moving to at this time?

  4. Ah... 2011, it seems like a thousand centuries ago, but yes the move when well and we never once looked back... truly a great escape !