Thursday, 4 December 2014

South Bank Show Originals

Very much enjoying Sky Arts' South Bank Show Originals series, a fantastic archive of early 80's-era interviews conducted by Melvyn Bragg, in conversation with some of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Some of my highlights of the series have been a cheerful Ingmar Bergman, a tipsy unpredictable Francis Bacon, Iggy Pop fondly recalling the incendiary performances of The Stooges, and one of my personal favorites, Norman Mailer discussing his writing habits, including the ritual of crossing a precariously hanging raised wooden platform to get to his writing room, because writing he feels should be infused with danger. My only complaint is that the interviews have been whittled down to 25mins or so from the 50-odd minute original airings. Still, in an age of TV dominated by cookery programs and talent shows, the South Bank Show Originals are my favourite thing on TV right now.


  1. I hope the original longer form versions remain somewhere - but yes, I can totally see why this would be your favorite TV at the moment!

  2. Hey Craig ! Yes, it must be a rights thing, or perhaps it was cheaper to get a truncated copy of the original series... There's Werner Herzog episode also, but luckily the entire show is available on the BFI's Werner Herzog box set...