Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bloody Pit of Horror

I've been slumming it lately, film wise, with one of the backwater TV channels broadcast over here - InformationTV, which among other things shows greyhound racing, programmes for caravan enthusiasts (?), and some interesting public domain curios - albeit, in absolutely appalling condition - think of those Mill Creek boxsets and you're close... Earlier today I caught Bloody Pit of Horror, which I'm a little ashamed to say I hadn't seen before. Despite Frank Henenlotter's enthusiasm for the film, I though it was a bit of a bore until the third act when the film shifts up a gear and Mickey Hargitay gleefully runs amok in his torture dungeon administering all sorts of elaborate Inquisition-style abuse, which goes someway to make amends for the bland cast, horrid art direction and the wildly inappropriate loungy, big band jazz soundtrack... Watching the film I was imagining Hargitay chasing Jayne Mansfield around the Pink Palace dressed as the Avenger, but they were divorced before the film went into production...

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