Thursday, 29 January 2015

Zontar, the Thing from Venus

More delirum beamed from the dustbin of satellite television and today I watched Larry Buchanan's 1966 TV film Zontar, the Thing from Venus. One for the trash aficionados, with its stilted line readings, flat direction and a NASA mission control room that would disgrace a school play. Not without its own peculiar charm, although the highlight of the film came in the opening credits when I spotted S.F. Brownrigg's name on sound duties. Curiously though, about 29mins in, and for no explicable reason, was a very fleeting shot of a scantily clad female. Zontar-a-go-go as it were... Incidentally, I was looking for a trailer over on a youtube as a taster for the film, and found one of those video reviews, in which the presenter declares the film was directed by Larry Cohen - which is probably the worst thing Larry Cohen has ever been accused of...

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