Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Doors

Listening to The Doors In Concert album, the Absolutely Live LP portion of the CD, and the remarkable Celebration of the Lizard suite performed at the Aquarius Theater in LA, July 1969. Along with The End from the first album, it's probably my favourite 13 minutes worth of The Doors on record. Oliver Stone recreated the suite for the film and it's the most thrilling part of the movie... Speaking of The End, the live cut on disc 2 of In Concert, recorded at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968 is also terrific. I love Morrison's weird little tangents ("Ensenada, the dog crucifix, the dead seal, ghosts of the dead car's son") and the band are in stellar form effortlessly following Morrison where he goes. I imagine by '68 the band could reconfigure the song into whatever shape Morrison required on the night...

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