Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Remote Viewer

I'm pursuing a Coil obsession at the moment (is there any other way to experience Coil?) and I'm thinking about the various film references scattered throughout their work. There is the unused music for Hellraiser of course, but I'm thinking of song titles like Tenderness of Wolves, Vanishing Point, Red Queen (possibly a reference to the 1972 giallo The Red Queen Kills Seven Times). And there's the homage to Pasolini on Coil's second LP, with the song Ostia (The Death of Pasolini). The Horse Rotarvator album also contains a song referencing Salo, entitled Circles of Mania, and getting back to Hellraiser, one of the titles from the Worship the Glitch album We Have Always Been Here is a line of dialogue from Hellbound: Hellraiser 2... Elsewhere Coil have sampled dialogue from Salo (on the track Homage to Sewage), The Wizard of Gore (pictured below) and Trash (Further), Performance and Trash (Further Back And Faster), The Reflecting Skin (Omlagus Garfungiloops) and Marat/Sade (Answers Come In Dreams 1). In addition the track Further Back And Faster samples some dialogue from a Charles Laughton spoken word album based on Night of the Hunter ("The fingers of the left hand, those of the right spell... hate"). Have I missed anything ?


  1. I never associated Coil that much with movie samples but seems like you have turned up quite a few - I imagine mostly from their early work. In the 80's I used to listen to a lot of industrial dance of the wax trax variety and they had loads of film dialogue - I seem to remember Skinny Puppy had a fixation on Polanski's 'The Tenant' (sampled in tracks like 'Stella's Room') and Clock DVA sampled from Borowczyk's 'The Blood of Doctor Jekyll' on 'Buried Dreams'. I miss that kind of creative sampling in electronic music - it must seem quite time consuming to the instant fix Ableton generation!


  2. Peter, I'm guessing it was Steve Thrower's tour of duty in Coil that introduced all those references and samples... Yes, I remember those Wax Trax records and they were great sample-heavy tunes. Ministry's Land of Rape and Honey album has got some good stuff in there and I'm thinking of The Connection Machine the great Clock DVA flipside (on The Hacker 12") which lifted dialogue from the dream sequence of The Conversation - a stunning marriage of surreal dialogue and dark ambience. Do you remember Kode IV's mash up of The Exorcist ? Yeah, a fantastic era in electronic music !

  3. Hi Wes. I was pleased to hear that Coil sampled some of Wizard of Gore. Didn't know that. Great stuff.