Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Dream Machine

Earlier I posted about Genesis P-Orridge and he/she's present on an album I'm currently listening to: The Hafler Trio & Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth Present Brion Gysin's Dreamachine, an excellent 70 minute collection of oscillating hissing drone music designed as an accompaniment to using the Dream Machine (the correct spelling of the hallucination device is uncertain). The very rare 1989 CD edition of the album came with a thick 72 page booklet which contained blueprints for constructing the Dream Machine cylinder, but fortunately the schematics are now easily available online, and have been modified slightly from Ian Sommerville’s original design for 78rpm speed turntables, which I imagine are very scarce nowadays, to 45rpm speed decks. Alternatively if you don’t have an adult around to help you cut out the required holes in the cylinder, you can buy a professionally cut cylinder online ( I’ve long wanted to construct a Dream Machine of my own but my engineering skills are non-existent, and I’ve never figured out how to drop the 100watt light source into the cylinder…

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