Saturday, 6 June 2015

Gaspar in the Void

Last night I made good on my promise to watch Enter the Void and very much enjoyed this belated second pass of the film. One of the things I noticed this time round was Gaspar Noé's cameo in the film, which is first telegraphed with the mention of director's name, in a scene around the 55:02 mark, where Oscar buys coke off a street dealer:

Oscar: Some of my friends said I can come back here and get some stuff to party with
Dealer: Who's that, who's your friend?
Oscar: It doesn't matter
Dealer: It always does matter, who's your friend?
Oscar: Gaspar
Dealer: Alright, thank you... What do you want?

The director is then seen in the nightclub sequence that follows, but you'll have to be quick to spot him thru the strobe lighting. At the 56:13 mark Noé can be seen buying some tabs from Oscar and popping them into a blonde he's dancing with. Perhaps this is the Gaspar friend Oscar previously mentioned ? How very meta...

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