Thursday, 18 June 2015


I was one of the lucky chosen few last night to witness the huge tower of power that was Mogwai, the band put down a brilliant near two-hour set of songs spanning their 20 years of activity, effortlessly shifting from beautiful subtle melodies to massive walls of jet engine guitar noise, especially when Barry Burns left his station at the synth and added a third guitar to the mix. Among the highlights was a hypnotic version of Superheroes of BMX and a thunderous My Father My King which closed out the first set. Support on the night was by RM Hubbert and he sounded great. We met him afterwards and my friend Dave bought two of his LPs – a good guy, and someone to check out.

Mogwai set list, Cork Opera House 17 June 2015:

Black Spider / Summer / I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
Take Me Somewhere Nice / Stanley Kubrick / Superheroes of BMX
Mexican Grand Prix / Rano Pano / How to Be a Werewolf
Remurdered / George Square Thatcher Death Party / My Father, My King
I Know You Are But What Am I ? / Tracy / Glasgow Mega-Snake

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