Thursday, 4 June 2015

Return to the Void

I saw some news on FB earlier about the tumultuous Cannes screening of Gaspar Noé’s latest film Love, and it’s a welcome relief from the Mad Max 4 orgasms currently choking my Facebook feed. With that in mind, I’m determined to catch Enter the Void this weekend, my first and only screening of the film (courtesy of the German Blu) was way back in May 2011 (that long ??) so I’m more than due a second pass at the film. Why I’ve not seen the film since I can’t say, perhaps it’s the film’s weighty runtime, a leisurely 160mins no less, or it could be something more subconscious than that – I suspect I’m still a little bit fearful of Gaspar Noé after Irreversible, which I found incredibly harrowing. Fortunately Enter the Void is a far more palatable experience, and watching the credit sequence below, I’m genuinely excited to see the film again, for the swirling anchorless camerawork, the drug-induced muli-colored nebulae, the strobe pulsations and the eclectic soundtrack of experimental electronica.

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