Monday, 15 June 2015

Video Watchdog is 25

Happy Birthday to my favourite film journal Video Watchdog, today celebrating 25 years of extraordinary, film writing. I started collecting the magazine just a few years ago and obsessively bought every issue I could (including one found at a record store in Sweden), and today own a complete run. I'm the very proud owner of VW's maiden voyage, from June 1990, pictured below in all its glorious imperfections (a printer mishap, now firmly part of VW lore), and sporting a very mysterious and enchanting Carnival of Souls cover, and taking pride of place with two other number 1's I own, Films and Filming from 1954 and The Wire from 1982.

A reminder of how lucky the whippersnappers of today have it with paypal and eBay... Pictured below, two pages from the Fanzine Focus column of UK magazine The Dark Side. This is from the August 1992 issue and was my first exposure to VW. It was years later when I picked up my first issue, but back in 1992, VW HQ in Cincinnati might as well have been a galaxy away from Ireland... Still better late than never !

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