Sunday, 19 July 2015


I watched The Shining last night on foot of Eric Somer's superb study of the film in Video Watchdog #178. Accompanying Eric's piece is a review of Room 237, the 2012 documentary which presents some intriguing theories about the meaning of Kubrick's film. I watched portions of the documentary on youtube earlier and I'm on the fence whether any of the hidden meanings in the film - one includes Kubrick's involvement with the faking of the Apollo 11 moon landing, hold water. It's interesting though how a germ of an idea can produce great oaks. Watching The Shining last night, portions of the score sounded remarkably similar to James Horner's score for Aliens, so much so I began to see all sorts of interesting parallels with James Cameron's film. After sleeping on it, I'm less enthused by my observations, but interesting what an overheated mind can conjure up...

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