Friday, 3 July 2015

Cronenberg's Frankenstein

I was reading an old Fangoria last night (#10 January 1981) and in the feature on Scanners, David Cronenberg mentions his proposed free-adaptation of Frankenstein which I had forgotten about. Fascinating to think what might have been, although motifs from Mary Shelley's book can be found throughout Cronenberg's work, most notably in The Fly. Elsewhere another tantalizing unrealized film is mentioned in a roundtable discussion article on the Horror film entitled "Anatomy of Terror", which alludes to a planned anthology film with segments directed by John Carpenter, David Cronenberg and Walter Hill, with Cronenberg penning the screenplay and story contributions from Carpenter and Hill. The mind boggles !

I mentioned Cronenberg's Frankenstein on Facebook earlier and Tim Lucas left an interesting comment:
(Cronenberg) had absolutely no interest in making this film. It was an idea of his producers, and they used it to create interest in their alliance with him.

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