Friday, 3 July 2015

Red Triangle

My friend Simon is currently hard at work bringing BBC2's cult film series Moviedrome back to our screens, and it's got me thinking about Channel 4's so-called "Red Triangle" season of cult films which aired a little before my time, in the latter half of 1986 into the following year, offering late night viewers films 'for which special discretion may be required'. I'm looking thru the list of films and checking off what I've seen - which is less than half - Out of the Blue, the Antonioni film, and the Terayama films. Following the broadcast of the opening film Thermroc, Mary Whitehouse complained: "It's not good enough to slap on a warning symbol and then indulge in sadistic madness of this kind." If anything the list is a reminder of how cutting edge Channel 4 used to me. Nowadays it's inching ever closer to Channel 5.

19/09/86  Themroc (Claude Faraldo, 1972)
03/10/86  Pastoral Hide-and-Seek (Shūji Terayama, 1974)
10/10/86  Throw Away Your Books; Let's Go Into the Streets (Shūji Terayama, 1971)
17/10/86  Identification of a Woman (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1982)
24/10/86  Pixote (Hector Babenco, 1981)
31/10/86  The Clinic (David Stevens, 1982)
14/11/86  Montenegro, or: Pigs and Pearls (Dušan Makavejev, 1981)
28/11/86  No Mercy, No Future (Helma Sanders-Brahms, 1981)
10/01/87  Out of the Blue (Dennis Hopper, 1980)
17/01/87  The Wall (Yılmaz Güney, 1983)

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