Monday, 20 July 2015

Revisiting Contamination

Another film watched over the weekend was Contamination, I wanted to see if my Blue Underground DVD was worth upgrading to the Arrow Blu-Ray - it wasn't, but still I enjoyed revisiting this very goofy Alien lift. Evidently I was dozing thru the credits because I had forgotten Ian McCulloch was in the film - he doesn't show up until the second act and later takes yet another walk thru a stretch of jungle - his third consecutive tramp thru the undergrowth after Zombie Flesh Eaters and Zombie Holocaust which surely makes him a sort of David Attenborough of European Cult Cinema. I wonder did I miss a crucial plot point along the way, but what exactly was the purpose of the eggs ? Unlike the Alien eggs which serve to propagate the species, the Cyclops' eggs serve no function other than causing a few upset stomachs...

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