Friday, 3 July 2015


Some filth for a Friday… I’ve been listening to Psychic TV’s Themes boxset this morning and one track in particular is worth a mention. Gobbledegook found on Themes 4: Lady Jaye features cut-up loops of Vegas-style lounge and big band swing music laced with hilarious dialogue from what sounds like a 70’s porn movie. The sleeve doesn’t list the source of the samples but a little detective work reveals the dialogue is taken not from a film but a bizarre spoken word comedy album from 1974 entitled Wife Swapping Swinger's Orgy Porgy Party, made I presume for an audience too squeamish to visit a seedy porno house (“Dramatic stag story with sexually orientated words and live action sounds” promises the sleeve !). I’m definitely going to seek this oddity out later but in the meantime some of the album’s X-rated gobbledegook can be heard here

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