Friday, 17 July 2015

That's Exploitation !

Listening to a collection of Horror and Exploitation radio spots - truly a lost art of over-the-top ad campaigns and screaming taglines. Here are some of my favorites...

BLOOD & BLACK LACE ("A chic French fashion salon where 7 breathtaking French models will find their hideous diabolical end")

THE SINFUL DWARF ("A depraved psychotic misfit crazed by the charms of young girls luring them from the city streets to a hellish snake pit")

DERANGED ("He carved a trail of butchery so brutal that newspapers refused to print its gruesome details")

LUST FOR A VAMPIRE ("Disciples of the black mass, devils in female bodies whose embrace is the kiss of death for man...or woman")

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT ("Here is the first motion picture to offer to the daring a look into the final, maddening space between life and death")

HUMAN TORNADO ("I'm Rudy Ray Moore, the Human Tornado ! I chain down thunder and handcuff-lightning, I'm so damn strong it's sometimes frightening").

A selection of radio spots can be heard here

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