Sunday, 5 July 2015

What Have You Done To Solange ?

Blow-Up was mentioned on FB recently and in the absence of Antonioni's film in my collection (a hole I need to plug), I reached for Massimo Dallamano's London-set 1972 giallo. Solange is one of the high watermarks of the genre and revisiting the film this morning, I very much enjoyed D'Amato's crisp, stylish photography, perhaps the finest work of his career - my memory is probably foggy on this point, but I'm wondering if the film's short flashback sequence was the only instance of D'Amato shooting in black & white ? Complimenting the luminous cinematography are the film's trio of beautiful actresses - Cristina Galbó and Karin Baal (who undergoes a subtle transformation from a stern, buttoned-up embattled wife to a sexy even resourceful companion as soon as Galbó is disposed of). And Camille Keaton, who is a haunting (and haunted) presence, entering the film like some kind of strange apparition - she reminds me of Sissy Spacek in Prime Cut...

Joe D'Amato as an undercover bobby in What Have You Done To Solange

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