Saturday, 18 July 2015

Who Killed Teddy Bear ?

Just watched Who Killed Teddy Bear ? courtesy of Network's DVD... This is one of those mid-60's independent productions (The Sadist is another) that blindsides you with its brazenness, a psychosexual thriller which explores voyeurism, obsession, lesbianism, rape, and pornography - heady stuff for 1965. References if you need them might include Peeping Tom, Black Christmas and Michael Findlay's Flesh trilogy. This one has some great footage of Manhattan night life and the noirish street photography reminded me of another great 60's indie Blast of Silence. Strong performances and some unexpected arty touches - strobing flash cuts and surreal lens distortions round this out as a must see.

Incidentally, I was please to see some interesting first editions in a scene where Sal Mineo does some after dark book shopping...

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