Friday, 21 August 2015

Collector Woes - The Sequel

All this week I've spent my evenings re-sorting my film collection stashed away in my space-age bachelor pad (ie. the attic). Much time was wasted trying to find a system - in the past my DVDs were sorted by country - European Cinema, Russian, Asian, American Cinema and so on (see previous post!), but after breaking up the collection to add a flotilla of recent additions, I couldn't put the collection back the way it was. After much unsuccessful experimentation, I conceded defeat and everything went back on the shelf in alphabetical order, something I've always resisted but now that the Great Work is complete, I must tip my hat to the A-to-Zeders out there. The collection now looks like one giant nebula of cinema but scanning the shelves I am finding some enjoyable juxtapositions and the occasional bit of strange synchronicity, like Lindsay Anderson's if... dovetailing quite nicely, title-wise at least, with Kinji Fukasaku's If You Were Young: Rage, while Irreversible is well positioned alongside I Spit on Your Grave. Anyway, job done and now some pics...

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