Saturday, 8 August 2015

Collector Woes

I've spend much of this afternoon gardening, although not the outdoor variety, rather weeding and replanting my DVD collection. For years I've had my discs shelved according to a particular system - Horror and Exploitation were corralled in one section, then the films of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia-Pacific, followed by American Cinema. But my collection has become so unwieldy lately, it was time for a cabinet reshuffle but now I'm finding it difficult to put back the pieces of the jigsaw. I was going to try an A-Z order, but the sudden juxtapositions would bug me - Elephant Man alongside Emanualle & the Last Cannibals, New York New York with New York Ripper, and perhaps most crass of all, Schindler's List rubbing shoulders with the Schoolgirl Report series. I'll sleep on it, but for now the collection looks like a crime scene, and I'm too beat to clean it up...

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