Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Creepy Images

I promised the guys at Creepy Images magazine a plug after my most recent order which completes my collection, pictured below - 15 issues and all square with the house. For the uninitiated, Creepy Images specializes in showcasing rare and hard to find horror and cult film memorabilia from the 60s thru to the late 80s. Each issue comes packed with international posters and ultra-rare lobby cards from the halcyon days of exploitation exhibition, beautifully reproduced on high quality glossy paper. In addition the Creepy Images team are lifelong collectors and experts - every issue comes with detailed notes (in English and German) for fellow collectors and casual enthusiasts, so serious eye-candy. Head over to the Creepy Images website for more info (including a very good Summer Sale offer), and while you're there be sure to check out the Creepy Images book Muchas Gracia Senor Lobo, a hefty and stunningly beautiful tome dedicated to memorabilia from the films of the great Paul Naschy - I posted some pics of this book back in 2012 - check them out here

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