Thursday, 6 August 2015

Nuthin' but a 'Swamp Thang

I've been offline most of this week catching up on some reading. I'm almost to the end of the dazzling Murderous Passions (last night's film in discussion, Female Vampire) and elsewhere I've been reading, quite compulsively I might add, The Saga of the Swamp Thing, Alan Moore's stewardship of the DC comic. Comic books have always required a leap of faith on my behalf, sometimes more that I'm prepared to give, but Moore's writing on Swamp Thing is so strong and immersive I've found it very easy to slip into that universe. I particularly enjoyed "Down Amongst The Dead Men" (January 1985) when Swamp Thing journeys to a mind-bending Hell to retrieve the soul of Abigail Cable, the woman he has fallen in love with. Following on from Swamp Thing, I'm planning to revisit Hellblazer (I read the first 70-odd issues in my teens) and explore the world of The Sandman, and a few Batman titles I've picked up (The Killing Joke and The Long Halloween)...

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