Saturday, 12 September 2015

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Carmilla

The exceptionally gorgeous Yutte Stensgaard from Lust For A Vampire - that's one way of focusing your attention. I revisited this film yesterday and found myself much less kind to it than I have been in the past - a terrible ill-judged song propping up Yutte Stensgaard's big love scene, and Christopher Lee stand-in Mike Raven, twice appearing out of nowhere to utter "a heart attack" effectively robs the film of its last vestiges of dignity. However, I did make one happy discovery relating to my hometown of Cork here in Ireland. In the scene where Michael Johnson's character Richard Lestrange, introduces himself to Ralph Bates, Bates remarks "Are these the Lestranges from Cork ?" What's more, this is the second time I've heard Cork referenced in, rather astonishingly, a vampire film, and in similar circumstances too, with Andy Milligan's The Body Beneath made the previous year !

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