Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Vampire Nouveau

For the past few days I've been clicking my way thru a fantastic online archive of scans from the German Art Nouveau magazine Jugend. The text of the magazine is in German but it's so heavily illustrated with Jugendstil artwork (the German name for Art Nouveau), it's a feast for the eyes. Looking at these Art Nouveau designs, with their long flowing curves and decorative swirls put in mind French artist Philippe Druillet‘s trio of beautiful posters for Jean Rollin‘s Le Viol du Vampire, La Vampire Nue and Le Frisson des Vampires. I considered sending these posters to the color printer to hang on my office wall but they're perhaps a little too racy for the workplace. No surprise to discover that Druillet was a founding member of Heavy Metal, and a little digging reveals that the artist submitted designs for the trucks in Sorcerer, which were ultimately rejected for being too far out, better suited to the Mad Max sequels than Freidkin's film. Check those out here. High quality scans of Druillet‘s Rollin posters can be downloaded for your office cube here

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