Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Visitor

Nathan Bryce clutching a copy of Thomas Jerome Newton's album The Visitor in The Man Who Fell To Earth... My wife has been away all this week in Germany with work and I've been missing her terribly. I wanted to send her some love songs via youtube this evening but her hotel dial-up has put an end to my romantic plans - no such trouble back in the pre-Internet days when a trustworthy blank tape would communicate all the heart's secrets using someone else's poetry. In our case we fell in love to the music of Dead Can Dance... All this reminded me of that bittersweet moment in The Man Who Fell To Earth when Newton reveals his album, presumably a suite of long distance love songs, was recorded for his wife. "She'll get to hear it one day...on the radio" Newton explains. Tragically we know she never will...

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