Monday, 23 November 2015

Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies

Just ordered my copy of Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies, a 500-page collection of essays, interviews and artwork on that particularly British sub-genre, the Folk Horror. The contents page alone makes for impressive reading, with subjects as diverse as Public Information Films, Quatermass II, the 1920 Gothic novel Melmoth the Wanderer and Paul Ferris' music for the Witchfinder General, to name just a few. I'm particularly looking forward to reading Adam Scovell's essay on Brian Eno's album On Land and my friend Kat Ellinger's examination of Czech Folk Horror. I've reprinted the full contents below. The book is available to order here and be sure to use the preview function to get a look at the contents. Just in time for Winter solstice and Natalis Invicti...

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