Friday, 20 November 2015

Tartan Attractions

Flashback Friday… As ever I am indebted to the nostalgia attic that is youtube, and for my latest scrounge thru the dusty boxes of stored memories I uncovered this great artifact from the VHS days - originally located on the 1995 UK VHS tape of Hardboiled, Tartan’s 5min promo reel showcasing the label’s wares. Some wonderful stuff here, and some films I haven’t thought about in a long time, like Alan Rudolph’s eccentric noir Trouble In Mind and Alain Resnais’ mind-bending Providence. Be sure to watch it to the end for that great moment from Cinema Paradiso where the little boy experiences the magic of film projection – a scene that can coax tears in an instant.

Watching this promo reel again, especially those great lifts from Hal Hartley’s films reminds me how exciting the early 90’s was for American Independent Cinema, with films like Mystery Train, Metropolitan, Slacker, Reservoir Dogs, Swoon seemingly emerging every other week. I had hoped that someone might have uploaded the excellent 1993 Channel 4 documentary Cinefile: Made in the USA but so far it hasn’t shown up at the usual haunts. Incidentally, the terrific music accompanying the images is a track called Foolish Harp/Waerera by Zimbabwe’s Bhundu Boys

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