Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Fripp Exposure

Robert Fripp at the The Hit Factory, New York 1978…. I mentioned last week that King Crimson’s Lizard suite was the one and only appearance in my record collection of Yes vocalist Jon Anderson and the same can be said about Daryl Hall and his stint on Robert Fripp’s stunning 1979 album Exposure. I haven’t been listening to much King Crimson lately, the void being filled by Exposure and Fripp & Eno’s Live In Paris set. But more so with Exposure, the album a brilliant meshing of commercial new wave rock with more experimental devices, and enough ideas to fuel half a dozen albums (I love the taped conversation littered throughout the album, the one used on NY3 is particularly nutty). Listening to Exposure this morning, I think the album would make a fine entry point into Fripp’s work, with its Frippertronic soundscapes, and a certain nod towards King Crimson past (the track Breathless sounds like a cousin of the title track from the album Red), and future, anticipating the kind of angular rock Crimson's 80's unit favoured. The current 2CD edition of Exposure comes highly recommended, the album augmented with different mixes and personnel to form a second alternative version of the album, and all of it packaged with excellent detailed liner notes.

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