Saturday, 26 December 2015

Tripping thru the Rubble

Trying to scare up some artificial sunshine here on a pouring wet Saturday afternoon courtesy of Rubble Collection, a fantastic (and weighty) 20-CD collection of mostly British psychedelia from the late 60's. I haven't made it to the final disc in this mammoth set yet but what I've heard so far is quite wonderful, and revelatory considering many of the groups featured were either short-lived or never quite made it out of their respective corners of Albion. I'm currently on my second pass of CD2 as I pen this and two tracks I'm particularly digging - Defecting Grey, a wicked pastiche of The Pink Floyd courtesy of The Pretty Things and Lollipop Minds by the brilliant, could-have-been-a-contender combo Wimple Winch For anyone interested in Psychedelia the Rubble Collection is pretty much essential stuff and with the CDs housed in cardsleeves, and augmented by two books of fascinating liner notes, it's well worth picking up.

Worth mentioning the attractively trippy LSD-laced artwork which adorns the individual CDs contained within the Rubble box. Each of the card sleeves comes with a snappy title such as The 49 Minute Technicolour Dream, The Electric Crayon Set, A Trip In A Painted World and my favourite, the giallo flavored 8th volume, All the Colors of Darkness...

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