Friday, 22 January 2016

Dead End Street Listening

Another coup for the vinyl snobs ! Currently listening to some dark and eerie electronica courtesy of the soundtrack of Last House on Dead End Street which is set to make its debut as a vinyl-only release mid-February. A preview of the soundtrack can be heard here and it’s a treat to finally hear these pieces without the intrusion of canned dialogue and agonized screams. Putting this soundtrack together was something of a Herculean task - these short electronic pieces (and one unexpected burst of Euro-lounge) were originally selected by Roger Watkins from the vast KPM Library Music archive but crucially were left uncredited, which prompted some industrious Dead End Street fans to trawl thru the KPM discography to identify the pieces and their composers - among them Delia Derbyshire and Ron Geesin, the latter forging an unlikely link between Last House on Dead End Street and Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother !

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