Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Analogue Paradise

Browsing thru Tod Dockstader’s discography earlier today I was looking at two volumes of Dockstader music issued on Keith Fullerton Whitman’s CD-R label Creel Pone and it put in mind another great vintage electronic release, Douglas Leedy’s mammoth 1971 album Entropical Paradise, a triple LP set containing "Six Sonic Environments created on the Moog Synthesizer and Buchla Modular Electronic Music System". I managed to listen to just four of those environments this afternoon before time ran out so another pass of the album is due tomorrow. I hasten to add that the image below is not my own, it was lifted from eBay - I have to make do with an mp3 rip of the album so I'm hoping this will make it's official CD debut at some point. The entire analogue bubblebath can be heard over at youtube or you can try here My favourite cut from the album is The Harmonarium, an incredible low-end drone that reminds me of the minimalist tones of Eleh and perhaps more fondly, Alan Splet and David Lynch's score for Eraserhead...

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