Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Travels With My Camera

Last w/end I made a trip to Kilkenny in the Southeast of Ireland, and spent a nice afternoon visiting some local ruins, including Burnchurch Castle, a 15th century Norman tower with turret standing defensively alongside. A walled courtyard would have been attached to the tower but all signs of it has long since disappeared. Still, it's a treat to stand before two structures from the Middle Ages.

Slow fall inward... Evidently I haven't yet exorcised Jean Rollin's 1972 film The Iron Rose from my soul following a recent screening, and I couldn't let this forgotten graveyard go by without taking a few pics. Graveyards are wonderful, mysterious spaces to explore, and this one was particularly enchanting, having long since slipped into neglect, the headstones no longer curating the memory of their tenants due to weathering, the names and dates erased from the stone...

One eerie thing to report. While I was busy balancing my compositions, my wife called me over to a grave which had attached to the foot of the headstone, a large clump of black hair. On closer inspection it turned out to be hair cut from a child's doll but it sent a frisson thru us. We've seen enough Horror films to know that some mysteries best remain unsolved...

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