Sunday, 10 April 2016

Berlin II - At Mauerpark flea market

Meeting some Berlin Residents (via San Francisco) at the Mauerpark flea market this afternoon... The majority of shops in the city, from huge department stores to small boutiques are closed on Sundays so Berliners head to the dozen or so flea markets dotted around the city. The Mauerpark market had plenty of vintage vinyl dealers (and not a CD in sight at any of them) but prices were very much in tune with what you might pay on say Discogs. If the term Krautrock is now considered rather derogatory, the dealers at Mauerpark had no such concern, every stall I visited had prominently named "Krautrock" sections, with lots of Tangerine Dream, Can, Birth Control, Guru Guru, Agitation Free, La Düsseldorf, and endless copies of the German Rock Scene compilation series. I was reaching for my wallet after finding copies of the ever elusive Kraftwerk 1 and 2 and Ralf and Florian but on closer inspection these were not the original Philips issues but very good facsimiles pressed in more recent times. Sadly, the one thing I was was prepared to hand over the cash for, a copy of Bowie's Helden 7" (with picture sleeve) was not to be found...

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