Thursday, 14 April 2016

Night Of The Succubus

Just watched Night Of The Succubus... No, not a cheap re-titling of Jess Franco's 1968 film but a 40min film documenting a noisy and chaotic Factrix and Monte Cazzaza performance in San Francisco in 1981. Night Of The Succubus might be best described as a cross between Recording Heathen Earth and Sogo Ishii's Halber Mensch, complete with tape glitches, Super8 footage, random inserts (Manson, Sharon Tate naturally), and an appearance by one of Mark Pauline's bio-mechanical bastards (pictured below), summarily eviscerated and later bludgeoned by a freaked-out audience member wielding a folding-chair. The music is fantastic of course, Factrix' corrugated improv-noise anticipates The Dead C by several years and Monte Cazzaza brings along his collection of creepy tape loop cut-ups (one of which would feature predominantly on Psychic TV's Themes 2 album). Incidentally, I thought I spotted Tuxedomoon's Winston Tong milling around in the background, but I'm not so sure, the Tuxedos had probably relocated to Belgium by the time the film was shot. Night Of The Succubus is available as a supplemental DVD to the essential Factrix/Monte Cazzaza CD California Babylon. Industrial cabaret of the highest order.

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