Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuxedomoon revisit Blue Velvet

Winding down my day listening to Blue Velvet Revisited, Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name's instrumental soundtrack to Peter Braatz's forthcoming documentary on David Lynch's masterpiece. Collaborative albums are often fraught with danger, but the marriage of Tuxedomoon's cinematic moods with Cult With No Name's electronic textures works remarkably well. All this has given me a fierce urge to see Lynch's film again but I've resisted pulling my DVD of the shelf and instead have ordered the US Blu. I'm always slow to upgrade my DVDs but the Blu's 52mins of deleted footage has swung it for me. In the meantime, in lieu of the Blue Velvet Revisited documentary I'm trying to track down the director's earlier study of the film, No Frank in Lumberton. Be sure to catch the trailer for Blue Velvet Revisited here

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