Monday, 4 April 2016

Twenty-Four Hours

Tape porn courtesy of Industrial Records and the original 24 Hours boxset briefcase from 1980 comprising 24 cassettes of live Throbbing Gristle music plus 2 additional cassettes of the group interviewed for radio (circa 1978 I suspect).

From the Discogs page: "Initially offered for £77 for the UK, £80 for Europe and £82 for the rest of the world. By the time of the 1980/81 mail order catalog, each set retailed for £88 (for UK and Europe) or £99 for the rest of the world (postage paid)"

In January 2015, a complete set with the inserts and signed ephemera sold on eBay for £1,131.00 (+£48.80 p&p)...

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