Sunday, 29 May 2016

Target's Kezar

More Kezar stuff to mark the anniversary of Throbbing Gristle final concert, 35 years old today... The Kezar show was videotaped by Joe Rees of Target Video and later issued in 1983 as Live In San Francisco At Kezar Stadium. The historical significance of the Kezar show aside, the Target video was important as it restored all the cuts that were made to the concert when it was issued as the Mission of Dead Souls album in 1981 by Fetish Records. Still, there was one glaring anomaly on the Target video (and the later TGV edition) - the track Spirits Flying was not part of the film for reasons unknown - perhaps the segment of the film suffered from technical problems or maybe Target vetoed the track due to the presence of some X-rated dialogue in the opening moments. A shame as Spirits Flying features Cosey's most significant contribution to the Kezar concert when she takes up her horn. Despite the Target video getting an upgrade to DVD for the TGV set, the original Target VHS edition is worth savoring, as it features better picture quality, a unique mix of the concert, and includes some shots that are not on the DVD. Fortunately some good soul has uploaded the Target version albeit with sync problems. Incidentally, if you're watching the concert, look out for Jello Biafra in the crowd, seen bobbing along to Looking for the O.T.O

Incidentally, local noise rock group Flipper were the opening act on the night of May 29th 1981, and as per TG's set, Flipper were also videotaped for posterity, and fortunately the footage is available on youtube, finally dispelling the oft-repeated rumor that the band played a 90min version of Subhuman (?) The Flipper set is worth watching for TG fans as it features an impromptu appearance on stage by Genesis P-Orridge (at the 22.30 mark) to loan his bass guitar to Bruce Loose when his short-circuits...

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