Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Art of War

An add-on to yesterday's War of the Worlds post... Looking thru a gallery of covers devoted to H.G. Well’s book, two images caught my eye – a French edition from 1973, illustrated by Philippe Druillet who also designed the trio of beautiful Art Nouveau posters for Jean Rollin‘s Le Viol du Vampire, La Vampire Nue and Le Frisson des Vampires. I like the bio-mechanical look of Druillet’s tripod, the alien tentacles oozing out of the machine’s exoskeleton. If the Martian death ray doesn't obliterate you, those heavy tripod legs surely will....

The striking cover of the 1968 Fawcett Premier edition illustrated by Paul Lehr has a particularly interesting depiction of the tripods, their spikey design feels genuinely not of this world and I love the toxic, blood red apocalyptic color. Lehr was also responsible for the similarly feverish cover for the 1964 Berkley Highland edition of The Island of Dr. Moreau. Be sure to check out this stunning piece of art here

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