Friday, 2 September 2016

The super, all-action Pink Floyd !

More music related comic stuff... Following on from yesterday's post, I was rather pleased this morning to chance upon this nice Pink Floyd item in the pages of an old issue of Record Collector magazine. For the British leg of the band's winter tour, Hipgnosis designed this very nice 16 page comic, with a 2-page Boy's Own style strip dedicated to each of the four Floyds - Roger Waters appears as ace-goal scorer "Rog of the Rovers" (of Granchester Rovers!), Dave Mason as the courageous "Captain Mason, R.N" battling German U-Boats, Richard Wright as the millionaire playboy "Rich Right" ("He's rich & he's right") and Dave Gilmour as a fearless speedway rider in "The Exploits of Dave Derring". The program also includes a list of factoids about the band members (interesting to see their favorite films), a Pink Floyd quiz, a list of tour personnel, and a fabulously grotesque portrait of the band by Gerald Scarfe. Record Collector priced the tour program at £60 back in 1998 so I expect good condition original copies will fetch even more today (a nice investment for anyone who paid 25c/15p back in 74). Fortunately, the program has been professionally scanned here

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